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Future consensus

Studying the Future

Weak signals. The clues.

07. Reading clues in weak signals

08. Sharing weak signals

Trends. Drivers of change.

09. Understanding emerging trends

10. Alignment with trends

Scenarios. Future models.

11. Anticipatory management

12. Shared visions

2. Future thinking. The mindset.

Creative Synthesis. Imagination.

13. Dreaming up realities

14. Collective imagination

Empathetic Storytelling: The narrative.

15. Science non-fiction

16. Shared narratives

Strategic Vision: The blueprint.

17. Future by design

18. Forecasting alignment management

Participative Exploration: The collaboration.

19. Collective journey

20. Collaborative consensus

3. Future intelligence. The methods

Quantitative methods. The facts

21. Numbers speak

22. Facts-based consensus

Qualitative methods. The Experience.

23. Feeling the future

24. Experience-based consensus

Mixed methods. The maps.

25. Blend forecasting.



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