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01. Exploring Future Intelligence: A Guide to Understanding and Innovating for the Future

What is future intelligenceand why is important
Future Intelligence Diagram

While we can't prevent earthquakes, we can somewhat predict their occurrence and their potential consequences. Apart from events driven by natural causes, the future is predominantly influenced by human actions, and especially by collective action. Recognizing this is vital when determining the course and timing of innovation.
A considerable portion of innovation is either aimed at carry on or preventing wars, seeking dominance, or evading subjugation. From a broader perspective, one could argue that innovation inherently serves the greater good. The Cold War period witnessed swift technological advancements, not only in warfare but also in space exploration and communication. A glance through history shows that our advancements in health and well-being over recent decades have been remarkable.

Incorporating future intelligence into our life

These notes serve as a succinct review of "future intelligence" and aim to guide non-experts through this extensive field, with a specific emphasis on its relevance to innovation. The review underscores the participatory and collaborative essence of the field, which is fundamentally built upon consensus.

The study of the future combines scientific analysis, critical thinking, and imaginative reasoning to explore alternative futures. This allows us to envision multiple paths forward. Imagine a toolbox from which you can select tools and techniques that bridge the gap between our most ambitious dreams and the tangible realities molded by our actions and environment.

Consensus and mathematics

While the study of the future may not follow the conventional definition of science, it's a tapestry woven from diverse threads of knowledge, each one bringing its distinct viewpoint. We can examine this tapestry through two primary lenses: Consensus, to measure prevalent visions and intentions, and the precise tools of mathematics, which provide measurable insights. Together, they offer a holistic perspective.

Ration and emotion

At its core, the study of the future resembles deciphering a complex puzzle. Various methods and tools aid in unraveling the intricate narratives hidden within data. However, understanding the future isn't solely about the tools we employ; it's about the mindset we embrace. Much like a master chef blends intuition with technique, both individuals and groups should approach the future with a balance of emotion and intellect.


Josep Monguet Fierro

Professor at the UPC. Founder of SmartDelphi, Onsanity, and Innex Experience in digital healthcare innovation. Research coordinator of “Master Barcelona Design” UPC-UB.



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