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Human expertise for AI

Create a Database of Expert Knowledge to Train your AI

In today's data-driven world, AI is essential for businesses to stay competitive. But AI is only as good as the data it's trained on. That's where our consensus platform comes in.

Our platform helps you extract expert knowledge, including implicit and tacit knowledge, through a structured process of expert case studies. We use a scientifically validated method to generate collective knowledge, and our expert team guides you through the entire process.

Our process

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Design and Plan Your Database

Our team of experts will help you define your goals, decide the number of experts, cases, and rounds you need, and automate the process for you.


Generate Cases

Based on your actual knowledge and documentation, we will generate cases that will be the base to the consensus, where you will extract the holistic knowledge of your experts.


Reach Consensus

Your experts will receive daily cases to give their input based on their holistic knowledge and debate to get to a consensus on the output. This process will repeat until you get a satisfactory level of agreement.

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Generate Your Database

Our platform will extract the results of the consensus and transform it into a database prepared to be used to train LLMs models to create your personalized AI tool.


Update Your AI

Update the database evaluating your AI performance with the consensus of your experts. This process will ensure that you have a trustworthy AI that will continue to evolve based on human expertise.

Get Your Personalized Plan

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With our platform, you can:

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