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Abstract Background



SmartDelphi is a web-based system inspired by the Delphi method. It allows you to gather input from a diverse group of experts, and to reach consensus on any matter.

The power of Collective Knowledge 

SmartDelphi is a new platform for collective intelligence that uses the Delphi method on the most effective way to help people make better decisions and produce knowledge.


SmartDelphi allows decision-making to become a democratic process, gathering insights from a broad range of experts.

For instance, imagine a pharmaceutical company trying to decide on the next disease to target for drug discovery. 

SmartDelphi allows for inputs from a diverse group, including scientists and marketers, leading to a decision based on a holistic understanding of scientific, market, and societal factors.


SmartDelphi allows to extract and convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge through consensus.

For instance, imagine a multinational corporation wishing to standardize its best practices for customer service across all its branches could use SmartDelphi. Through this process, the company is able to identify common successful strategies and convert these into explicit guidelines to be implemented company-wide.


Allow users to harness the collective intelligence of their organization or group to create more accurate forecasts and identify emerging trends.

For instance, imagine aAn automotive manufacturer trying to predict the future trend in electric vehicle adoption. They gather insights from a variety experts, including engineers, environmental scientists, and market analysts. The consensus that emerges allows them to make more informed decisions about their electric vehicle development strategy.


SmartDelphi helps by enabling a participative process where stakeholders can rank items based on their perceived importance and urgency.

Consider a city council facing multiple infrastructure issues. With limited resources, they need to prioritize. Using SmartDelphi, they invite city staff, residents, and other stakeholders to rank the issues according to importance. The results provide a clear, democratically-informed priority list that reflects the collective preferences of the community.


Provide a democratic, participative approach to concept validation, ensuring ideas have been thoroughly reviewed and approved before implementation.

For instance, a technology start-up has developed a concept for a revolutionary new app. Before investing heavily in development, they use SmartDelphi to gather feedback from potential users, tech experts, and business analysts. The input they receive helps them refine the concept and validate its potential, saving them from potentially investing in a product that may not succeed in the market.


Allow all stakeholders to participate in strategic decision-making processes, fostering transparency and inclusivity while harnessing collective intelligence for better outcomes.

For example, a non-profit organization is developing a new strategic plan. They use SmartDelphi to ensure that all stakeholders - staff, volunteers, board members, donors, and community partners - can contribute their insights and perspectives. This inclusive approach is vital because it helps to create a comprehensive view of the organization's current position and future potential.

The SmartDelphi Method

Main Features
with many possibilities

Real Time feedback

The core innovation of real time Delphi studies is the instant calculation and delivery of results to participants, opening new opportunities for the iteration and feedback.

Custom Questions Types

The customisation of answers allows adjusting SmartDelphi to any real time modified Delphi. Scales can be parametrized, both in numerals and in semantic differentials.

Personalized Segmentation

SmartDelphi shows the results associated to as many filters criteria as profile data provided by the participants.

Personalize your questions with Text, Images, videos and code

Questions can be illustrated with visual content like videos or images in addition to text and grouped to facilitate participation.


The participation on any SmartDelphi process can be anonymous or not. The process can be hidden to the public and only those who have the code or the invitation can take part of it.

Always ready

Go at your own pace. Give your opinion when you are ready and modify it if you change your view anytime and anywhere

Exclusive Metrics

SmartDelphi compute in Real time exclusive metrics to check the degree of consensus at a glance.

Auto-generated reports

Easy to share

SmartDelphi lets you export the results to your favorite spreadsheet program and work with them later on your computer

SmartDelphi in Numbers


Years of Research & Innovation


Experts participated


Votes analysed


Countries Served

We believe in the power of collective intelligence, where multiple experts come together to address the crucial issues of our time.

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